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Chess For Dummies

Chess For Dummies PDF Free Download

Chess For Dummies PDF, written by James Eade and published in 2017 by John Wiley & Sons, has become an instant classic when it comes to teaching chess beginners the fundamentals of the game.

With topics ranging from basic moves to more advanced strategy, Chess For Dummies is a comprehensive guide that can be used as a learning tool for players of all skill levels. It has become a popular book among chess players because of the clear, step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations that make learning the game easier.

The book has been praised for its easy-to-understand approach to teaching chess basics as well as its helpful tips on how to improve one’s game. It has sold over 1 million copies and has earned a 4.5 star rating on Amazon.

Chess For Dummies is available in print, Kindle, audiobook, and CD formats. With its clear writing style, detailed diagrams, and helpful tips, it is the perfect book for anyone looking to learn or improve their game of chess.

Chess For Dummies Summary

The book starts with the basics of how to play chess, covering the rules and pieces. It then goes on to discuss strategies that can be used in a game, such as attacking and defensive plays, as well as good endgame strategy. The book also includes sections on basic tactics, openings, middlegame plans, combinations, and analysis of famous chess games.

It also covers advanced topics such as operating with time and problems of chess, working with computers, and opening systems. The book is written in an easy-to-follow manner, making it suitable for beginners who are just learning how to play the game. However, it also includes more complex strategic concepts so that even experienced players will find something useful. Along the way, the book provides helpful tips and anecdotes to make learning fun.

Finally, Chess For Dummies includes a variety of games and puzzles to help readers practice their skills. There is also an extensive glossary of chess terms at the end of the book so that no matter where you are in your chess journey, you’ll have the language necessary to understand and talk about chess.

Details of Chess For Dummies Book

BookChess For Dummies
AuthorJames Eade
Original languageEnglish
Originally published1996
PublisherGames & Activities, Non Fiction
Total Pages384
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Chess For Dummies Book

Chess For Dummies book has been published in numerous languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. This book provides readers with an easy-to-understand guide on the game of chess.

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About the Author

James Eade is a chess Grandmaster, International Master, and author. He is one of the most respected authorities on chess in the world today. He has been playing competitively since 1976 and published his first book, Chess For Dummies, in 2004.

Chess For Dummies

Eade is a recognized international expert on chess education and has written several books on the subject. He has a Master’s degree in Education from the University of London and is one of the few chess instructors who possess both an IM title and a professional teaching qualification.

Eade is also well-known for his contributions to chess theory. He has written extensively about opening preparation, endgame technique, and analysis of classic games. In addition to Chess For Dummies, Eade has authored several other books on the game, including Chess Strategy for Club Players and Chess Openings: Theory and Practice.

In 2010 Eade was awarded the International Master title by FIDE. He continues to play actively in international chess tournaments, as well as teach chess at various clubs around the world. As a renowned authority in the field of chess, Eade’s work and expertise are highly regarded by both amateur and professional players.

Chess For Dummies PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Chess For Dummies about? 

It is a comprehensive guide to the game of chess. The book covers all the basics, such as how to set up a chess board correctly, the rules of the game, and basic tactics.

How long does it take to read the Chess For Dummies book?

The Chess For Dummies book is about 250 pages long, so it should take between 5 and 10 hours to read the entire book.

Who is the target audience of the Chess For Dummies book?

The Chess For Dummies book is designed for all levels of players, from beginners who are just starting to learn the game, to more advanced players who are looking to improve their strategy.

How many pages is Chess For Dummies? 

Chess For Dummies is about 250 pages in length.

Is Chess For Dummies book worth reading?

Yes, the Chess For Dummies book is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn or improve their skills in chess.

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