Reading to Live a Thousand Lives

About Us

When I created The Books Across, I wanted to have a place where I could store all the information about the books I read. Originally, I just wanted to create a website where I could add books and reviews, but then this idea evolved into a blog where I could share my passion with everyone else.

I can’t really remember when I started reading books. I think it happened as soon as I learned how to read, and I never stopped. Since then, one of my secret dreams was to become a librarian, to have my own bookstore. Then life happened, and this dream never became reality.

This blog is my bookstore. I like to think of myself as a virtual librarian, always up to date with the new releases, always ready with a great title when someone asks me: “What should I read next?”

When I started researching the new releases I realized that I really enjoy it. I like to keep track of all the books that are about to come out, month by month, and to wait patiently for the next great read.

One of my favorite bookish quotes is from George R.R. Martin: “The readers live a thousand lives before they die. Those who never read live only one”. I love reading because it allows me to live a thousand lives, to experience a thousand situations, to feel a thousand loves.

This is why I deeply love this blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

If you want to have a look around the blog and know which ones are the best releases of 2019 so far, I would suggest starting here:

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