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Candide PDF is a French satire first published in 1759 by Voltaire, a philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment. The novella has been widely translated, with English versions titled Candide: or, All for the Best (1759); Candide: or, The Optimist (1762); and Candide: Pangloss’s Brief Candle (2004).

It explores the unending trials and tribulations of the human condition. The text is occasionally referred to as a Voltairean novella. Candide is characterized by its sarcastic tone as well as by its erratic, fantastical, and fast-moving plot. A picaresque work, it parodies many adventure and romance clichés, the struggles of which are caricatured in a tone that is mordantly cynical.

It has been praised for its intellectual depth, and for putting into question the ideals of philosophy, religion, politics, and science. It has also been studied as an early work of Western literature that epitomized the optimism espoused by philosophers such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Voltaire himself. Candide is available in multiple formats including paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and ebook.

Candide Summary

The book starts with the main character, Candide, getting kicked out of his castle because he was caught kissing the Baron’s daughter, Cunegonde. He is then forced to join the army, where he witnesses multiple atrocities.

After being captured by Bulgarians and tortured, he is rescued by a stranger who turns out to be his old tutor, Pangloss. The two of them travel together and eventually end up in an earthquake-ravaged Lisbon, where Pangloss contracted an STD from a prostitute and died.

Candide eventually meets up with Cunegonde, who is now living with her wealthy grandfather, the governor of Westphalia. They get married, but Candide is soon arrested and Cunegonde is raped. Candide and Cunegonde are forced to flee, and they end up in South America.

Details of Candide Book

Original languageFrench
Originally publishedJanuary 1759
CategoryPhilosophical fiction, Satire
Total Pages84
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Candide Book

Candide book has been translated into many languages. Some of these versions include the French edition, which was translated by Voltaire himself, and the German edition, which was translated by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.

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About the Author

Voltaire was a French philosopher, historian, and writer of the Age of Enlightenment. He was an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church and conventional religion. He advocated freedom of speech, separation of church and state, and tolerance for different religions.


Voltaire’s satire Candide is one of his most famous works. It tells the story of a young man who is taken in by a philosophy of optimism, which posits that all is for the best in this “best of all possible worlds.” However, as he experiences the horrors of war, natural disasters, and injustice, he begins to question this outlook.

Voltaire was born François-Marie Arouet on November 21, 1694, in Paris, France. As a young man, he was sent to prison for writing a satirical poem about the French king. After his release, he adopted the pen name, Voltaire.

His work was often banned in France, but he found success in other countries, including England. Voltaire died on May 30, 1778, in Paris.

Candide PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Candide all about?

Candide is a satire of the optimistic philosophy that all is for the best in this “best of all possible worlds.”

What is the main theme of Candide so far?

The main theme of Candide so far is the fallibility of optimism.

What is the main message of Candide?

The main message of Candide is that optimism, while it may be well-intentioned, is ultimately naive and unrealistic.

Is Candide worth reading?

Yes, Candide is definitely worth reading! It’s a funny, thought-provoking satire that will leave you questioning your own beliefs.

How many pages is Candide?

Candide is just under 200 pages

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