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Codename Villanelle

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Codename Villanelle PDF is a novel written by Luke Jennings and first published in 2018 by John Murray Publishers, an imprint of Hachette UK. The book is the basis for the popular television series “Killing Eve,” which premiered in 2018.

The novel is a thrilling spy story that follows two women on opposite sides of the law: Eve Polastri, a bored MI5 agent, and Villanelle, a psychopathic assassin. The two women become obsessed with each other and engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The novel is filled with action, suspense, and dark humor, and explores themes such as power, gender, and identity.

“Codename Villanelle” is available in various formats, including hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and ebook. The paperback edition was released in 2019 and includes an introduction by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the creator of the “Killing Eve” television series. The audiobook is narrated by British actress and comedian Emerald Fennell, who played Villanelle’s handler in the second season of the television series.

Overall, “Codename Villanelle” is a gripping and entertaining novel that has captured the imagination of readers and television viewers alike. It is a must-read for fans of spy thrillers, dark comedies, and strong female characters.

Codename Villanelle Summary

“Codename Villanelle” is a spy thriller novel by Luke Jennings that follows the story of two women: Eve Polastri, an MI5 agent, and Villanelle, a deadly assassin. The story begins with Eve, who is bored with her job and feels unfulfilled in her personal life. She becomes obsessed with tracking down an assassin who has been targeting high-profile individuals across Europe.

Meanwhile, Villanelle is carrying out her deadly assignments with a sense of playfulness and delight. She enjoys killing and feels little remorse for her actions. When Eve and Villanelle’s paths finally cross, they become obsessed with each other. Villanelle becomes fascinated with Eve’s intelligence and resourcefulness, while Eve is drawn to Villanelle’s charm and charisma.

As the story progresses, Eve and Villanelle engage in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Villanelle begins to target people close to Eve, while Eve becomes more and more obsessed with catching Villanelle. The two women engage in a thrilling and violent battle that spans several countries and leaves a trail of bodies in its wake.

In the end, Eve and Villanelle’s obsession with each other proves to be their downfall. The novel concludes with a shocking and unexpected twist that leaves the reader reeling.

Details of Codename Villanelle Book

BookCodename Villanelle
AuthorLuke Jennings
Original languageEnglish
Originally published2014
PublisherJohn Murray
Total Pages224
FormatPDF, ePub

Codename Villanelle PDF Free Download

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About the Author

Luke Jennings is an English author, journalist, and playwright born on 14 October 1953. He is best known for his Codename Villanelle series, which served as the basis for the popular television series “Killing Eve”.

Codename Villanelle

Jennings started his career as a music journalist in the 1970s and later became a dance critic for The Observer. He has written several non-fiction books, including “Blood Knots: Of Fathers, Friendship and Fishing,” which was named as one of the best books of the year by The Guardian and The Independent.

In addition to his non-fiction work, Jennings has written several novels, plays, and screenplays. He has won awards for his playwriting, including the John Whiting Award for “Scribes” in 1981 and the Arts Council of England Creative Writing Fellowship in 1991.

Jennings’ Codename Villanelle series has been widely praised for its gripping plot, complex characters, and dark humor. The success of the series led to the creation of the “Killing Eve” television series, which has won numerous awards and been acclaimed by both audiences and critics.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book Codename Villanelle about?

“Codename Villanelle” is a thrilling novel about a skilled assassin named Villanelle and an intelligence officer named Eve Polastri who becomes obsessed with capturing her.

How many Codename Villanelle books are there?

“Codename Villanelle” is the first book in a series, followed by “Killing Eve: No Tomorrow” and “Killing Eve: Endgame.”

How many pages is Codename Villanelle book?

The number of pages in the book “Codename Villanelle” may vary depending on the edition, but it is generally around 224 pages.

What is the genre of Codename Villanelle book?

The genre of the “Codename Villanelle” book is a combination of thriller, espionage, and crime fiction.

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