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Eragon PDF is a young adult fantasy novel by Christopher Paolini. It was first published in 2002 by Alfred A. Knopf. The story it tells is set in the fictional world of Alagaësia and follows the adventures of a farm boy named Eragon who discovers a dragon egg. He raises the dragon, which he names Saphira, and they bond mentally and emotionally.

As the story progresses, Eragon is drawn into a conflict between the evil king Galbatorix and the rebel resistance headed by Brom, Eragon’s mentor.

The book was originally self-published by Paolini in 2001 but was subsequently picked up by Knopf. It has since been translated into 37 languages and sold over 33 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling fantasy novels of all time. A film adaptation directed by Stefen Fangmeier was released in 2006. Eragon is available in hardcover, paperback, pdf, and audiobook formats.

Eragon Summary

It is a story of a simple farm boy, who one day finds a mysterious stone in the forest. This stone turns out to be a dragon egg, which he takes home and raises.

He names the dragon Saphira, and they soon develop a strong bond with each other. When Eragon is forced to flee from his farm after Brom, his mentor is killed by soldiers of the evil King Galbatorix, he and Saphira begin a journey to overthrow the King and restore peace to their homeland of Alagaësia. Along the way, they make allies and enemies, learn about magic and dragons, and discover hidden secrets about Eragon’s past.

The story culminates in an epic battle between good and evil, in which Eragon and Saphira must work together to save the world from the tyrannical rule of Galbatorix.

Eragon is an excellent example of the fantasy genre, with its well-developed world, fascinating creatures, and exciting plot. It is also a coming-of-age story, as Eragon grows from a boy to a man throughout the novel. If you enjoy stories about magic, adventure, and dragons, then you will likely enjoy Eragon pdf.

Details of Eragon Book

AuthorChristopher Paolini
Original languageEnglish
Originally published1963
CategoryYoung adult, Fantasy
PublisherPaolini LLC
Total Pages544
FormatPDF, ePub
Current Ratings4.8

Multiple Languages Editions of Eragon Book

Since its original publication in 2002, Eragon has been translated into 37 different languages and sold over 33 million copies worldwide. This makes it one of the best-selling fantasy novels of all time.

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About the Author

Christopher Paolini was born in Southern California in 1983. He grew up with a love of reading, particularly fantasy and science fiction.


When he was just fifteen years old, he began writing his first novel, Eragon. He self-published the book in 2001, and it was picked up by Knopf the following year.

Paolini has since published two more books in the Inheritance Cycle, Eldest, and Brisingr. He is currently working on a new series, set in the same world as Eragon but with a new cast of characters.

In addition to writing, Paolini enjoys hiking, horseback riding, reading, and spending time with his family. He currently lives in Montana, where he is working on his next book.

Eragon PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What age is Eragon’s book appropriate for?

Eragon is appropriate for ages 12 and up. It contains some violence and mild language.

Is there romance in the book Eragon?

There is some romance in Eragon, but it is not a major focus of the story.

How many Eragon books are there?

There are four books in the Eragon series: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

What is the grade level of Eragon?

The reading level of Eragon is grades 4-7.

Can an 11-year-old read Eragon?

An 11-year-old can read Eragon, but it may be a bit challenging. The novel is geared towards ages 12 and up.

Is Eragon an adult?

No, Eragon is not an adult. He is a teenager.

Is there a 5th Eragon book?

No, there is not a 5th Eragon book. The series consists of four books: Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

Is the Eragon series over?

Yes, the Eragon series is over. The fourth and final book, Inheritance, was published in 2011.

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