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Finish What You Start

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Finish What You Start PDF is a self-help book written by Peter Hollins, aimed at individuals who struggle with procrastination and the inability to complete tasks. The book was published by Hollins Publishing on August 26th, 2018.

The book has received mostly positive reviews on various platforms such as Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Readers have praised the book for its practical and actionable advice, presented in an easy-to-understand manner. They have also commended the author’s use of real-life examples and anecdotes.

The central theme of “Finish What You Start” is the idea that finishing a task is just as important as starting it. Hollins argues that in order to achieve success, it is crucial to develop the habit of finishing what one starts, no matter how challenging or tedious the task may be. The book provides readers with a step-by-step guide to overcoming procrastination and cultivating a mindset of perseverance, discipline, and focus. The book is available in various formats including paperback, e-book, and audiobook.

Summary of Finish What You Start

In the first chapter, Hollins discusses the importance of finishing what you start and how it can lead to success in life. He explains that starting a task is easy, but it takes discipline and focus to see it through to completion.

The second chapter focuses on the reasons why people procrastinate and provides readers with strategies to overcome this habit. Hollins explains that procrastination is often caused by fear, lack of motivation, and a lack of clarity about what needs to be done. In the third chapter, Hollins discusses the concept of goal-setting and how it can help readers stay focused and motivated. He provides readers with a step-by-step guide to setting goals that are realistic and achievable.

The fourth chapter focuses on the importance of developing a routine and sticking to it. Hollins explains that a routine can help readers stay focused and productive, and provides tips for creating a routine that works for them.

In the fifth chapter, Hollins discusses the importance of breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable steps. He explains that this can help readers stay motivated and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Notable Quotes

  • “Being good at being a man isn’t about becoming a caveman or dying in a war. It’s about becoming someone you can respect and who can respect you in the truest sense of the word.”

This quote highlights the author’s emphasis on personal growth and self-respect as integral aspects of masculinity. Donovan suggests that being a man is not about adhering to stereotypes or engaging in destructive behaviors but about becoming a person of character and integrity.

  • “The way of men is the way of the gang. Men are defined more by their association with other men than by their independence from women or their individuality as individuals.”

In this quote, Donovan asserts the importance of male bonds and the sense of identity and purpose that can be found within groups of men. He argues that men often derive a significant portion of their identity and strength from their relationships with other men, emphasizing the importance of camaraderie and collective action in the masculine experience.

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Background History of Peter Hollins

Peter Hollins is a non-fiction author who writes on topics such as self-help, personal growth, and psychology. He has written over 50 books and his works have been translated into several languages.

Finish What You Start

Hollins has a Master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology and has worked as a human behavior researcher, studying the relationship between motivation and personality. He has also worked as a private consultant, providing advice to individuals and businesses on how to improve performance and achieve their goals.

In addition to his writing, Hollins is a popular speaker and has given talks on topics such as productivity, creativity, and personal growth. He also hosts a podcast called “The Science of Self-Help,” where he interviews experts in the fields of psychology and self-improvement.

Hollins is known for his practical and actionable advice, which is presented in an easy-to-understand manner. His books have received positive reviews and are popular with readers who are looking to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

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