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Furiously Happy

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Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things PDF is a comedic memoir written by the American author, Jenny Lawson. The book was first published in September 2015 by Flatiron Books and covers themes of depression, anxiety, “mental illness”, and her experiences with it.

It has received excellent reviews from both critics and readers alike. It sold over one million copies and has been translated into 21 different languages, making it a worldwide success. Furiously Happy is available in both hardcover and digital formats.

The book serves to bring joy to readers who are struggling with mental illnesses, presenting them with humorous anecdotes that resonate with them on a personal level. Lawson’s work has been praised for its humorous, honest, raw, and sometimes vulgar writing style.

Furiously Happy Summary

The book engages with topics such as depression, anxiety, and discovering joy despite life’s difficulties. It chronicles Lawson’s journey through mental health issues while detailing the sometimes humorous moments found within her darkest times.

Lawson opens the book with a letter to her readers where she explains that life is hard and “sometimes the only way to survive is to be furiously happy.” She offers examples of quirky strategies she has used such as compulsively buying cats and taking pictures of roadkill in order to enjoy her life despite difficult times.

The book moves into Lawson’s childhood experiences and how her family dealt with poverty, in addition to her struggles with depression. She writes about the importance of self-care and finding moments of joy throughout difficult times.

Details of Furiously Happy Book

BookFuriously Happy
AuthorJenny Lawson
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedSeptember 22, 2015
CategoryHumor, Biography
PublisherFlatiron Books
Total Pages329
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Furiously Happy Book

Furiously Happy book has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese. In these translations, the book remains faithful to its original message of finding joy even in the midst of adversity.

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About the Author

Jenny Lawson is an American blogger, memoirist, and comedian. She wrote her first book titled Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in 2012 which became a New York Times Bestseller. Lawson is also the author of You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds and has been featured in multiple TEDx Talks, media appearances, and podcasts discussing the importance of self-care and finding joy in difficult times.

Furiously Happy

Jenny Lawson was born in Houston, Texas in 1974. She attended the University of Texas where she studied accounting and worked for a large accounting firm before starting her own accounting and consulting business. After establishing her own business, she started blogging as a way to cope with depression and anxiety. Her blog quickly gained traction and became popular in the online community.

She also wrote a column on “Happiness Engineering” for The Hairpin, which was later picked up by The New York Times. In 2015, Lawson released her second book Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things. This book deals with the issues of mental health in a humorous and honest way as she draws on anecdotes from her own life.

Furiously Happy PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book Furiously Happy about?

Furiously Happy is a book by Jenny Lawson about dealing with depression and anxiety.

Is Furiously Happy a memoir?

Yes, Furiously Happy is a memoir. It details Lawson’s experience with mental illness and her struggle to find happiness in spite of it.

How many pages is Furiously Happy?

Furiously Happy is 272 pages long.

Is Furiously Happy a good book?

Furiously Happy has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. It is considered to be an inspiring and uplifting read.

How long does it take to read the Furiously Happy book?

The average reader can finish Furiously Happy in 4-5 hours.

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