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Growing Up bin Laden

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Growing Up bin Laden PDF is a book by Jean Sasson, published in 2009 by Jean Sasson. The story follows the life of Najwa bin Laden, the first wife of Osama bin Laden, and her children growing up during the tumultuous years leading up to September 11th.

The book explores themes of family dynamics and gender roles in conservative societies, as well as the effects of global politics on personal lives. Growing Up bin Laden has received many positive reviews from critics, who praised Sasson for her ability to tell a compelling story in spite of the heavy subject matter.

The book has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide and is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook formats. If you are looking for a unique and compelling narrative of the bin Laden family, Growing Up bin Laden is an absolute must-read.

Growing Up bin Laden Summary

The book begins with a brief but detailed introduction of the bin Laden family and its members that later became known worldwide. Jean Sasson then introduces readers to the life of Najwa bin Laden, one of Osama Bin Laden’s wives and mother to eleven of his children.

Najwa was born in Syria in 1958 and raised in Saudi Arabia. In her youth, she was protected by the strict rules of Saudi culture and Islam which included wearing a veil. She then married Osama bin Laden at age 15 in a traditional Islamic marriage ceremony.

Najwa followed her husband to Afghanistan where she had lived for several years until the Soviet invasion in 1979. After that, her and Osama moved to Sudan with their children, where Osama became a powerful figure. Najwa later left Sudan and moved back to Saudi Arabia with her children, leaving Osama behind. In 1996 she returned to Afghanistan as the Taliban rose to power and brought her husband back into her life.

Details of Growing Up bin Laden Book

BookGrowing Up bin Laden
AuthorJean Sasson
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedJanuary 11, 2009
CategoryBiography, Autobiography
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
Total Pages352
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Growing Up bin Laden Book

Growing Up bin Laden book has been translated into multiple languages, making it accessible to readers around the globe. The book has been translated into French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

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About the Author

Jean Sasson is an American author of many bestselling biographies, memoirs and novels. Her works are mainly focused on the lives of women in the Middle East. She is well known for her books Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia, The Rape of Kuwait and Growing Up bin Laden.

Growing Up bin Laden

Jean Sasson was born in 1954 in North Carolina, USA. She graduated with a degree in psychology and history from Auburn University in Alabama. After completing her studies, she decided to move to Saudi Arabia when she was offered a job teaching English at one of the royal palaces there.

During this time, Jean developed an intimate understanding of the culture and customs of the Middle East which helped her write her books.

In an interview with CNN, Jean said that she was inspired to write Growing Up bin Laden out of a desire to dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings surrounding Osama bin Laden’s family. She wrote it with the help of Omar bin Laden, one of Osama’s sons, and his wife Sarah.

Growing Up bin Laden PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Growing Up bin Laden a difficult read?

No, Growing Up bin Laden is not a difficult read. It is beautifully written and it follows the life of Osama bin Laden’s son Omar.

How many pages is Growing Up bin Laden?

Growing Up bin Laden is approximately 270 pages long.

What type of book is Growing Up bin Laden?

Growing Up bin Laden is a non-fiction book written by Jean Sasson.

How many hours does it take to read Growing Up bin Laden?

Depending on your reading speed, it typically takes around 5-7 hours to read through the entire book.

What is the theme of Growing Up bin Laden?

The theme of Growing Up bin Laden is to portray a picture of what life was like for Osama bin Laden’s son Omar, and to bring to light the effects of growing up in a family under so much scrutiny.

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