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In the Blink of an Eye

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In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing PDF, written by acclaimed film editor Walter Murch, is one of the most highly-respected and influential books about the art and craft of filmmaking. Published in 1992 by Silman-James Press and now available as a paperback from Penguin Books, In the Blink of an Eye has become a must-have for anyone interested in the process of film editing.

In the Blink of an Eye is written from Murch’s unique and distinctive point of view, informed by his extensive experience working on some of Hollywood’s biggest movies, including Apocalypse Now, The English Patient, and The Godfather Part II & III.

The book has been praised for its accessible, personal tone, and offers insight into Murch’s creative instincts, editing techniques, and overall approach to filmmaking. It has sold over 150,000 copies in five languages since it was first released and has become a benchmark text in the film industry. In the Blink of an Eye book is available in multiple formats including pdf, paperback, Kindle, and Audible.

In the Blink of an Eye Summary

It is a book exploring the art and science of film editing. Through personal anecdotes and analysis, Murch explores how filmmakers can create meaning and emotion through their creative choices. He covers topics such as the impact of montage, rhythm in editing, sound design, and much more.

The book is divided into three sections. In the first section, Murch looks at the history and development of editing, starting with silent film and ending with modern digital tools. He describes how editors have used techniques such as montage to develop meaning and emotion in their work.

In the second section, Murch looks at sound design and its role in film editing. He examines the impact of sound on an audience, from the “invisible” sounds they may not notice to the more apparent music and dialogue used to create emotion. In the third section, Murch looks at the psychological aspects of editing. He discusses how editors can work with actors to help them move their performances forward and how they can use editing to manipulate an audience’s emotions.

Details of In the Blink of an Eye Book

BookIn the Blink of an Eye
AuthorWalter Murch
Original languageEnglish
Originally published1992
CategoryFilm criticism
PublisherSilman-James Press
Total Pages146
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of In the Blink of an Eye Book

In the Blink of an Eye book has been translated into multiple languages, including Chinese, French, German and Spanish. The book has been translated by experienced language professionals with extensive knowledge of the film industry and the art of editing.

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About the Author

Walter Murch is a film editor, sound designer, and re-recording mixer. He is also a renowned speaker and teacher of the art of cinema editing. He has won three Academy Awards for his work in editing including The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, and The English Patient.

In the Blink of an Eye

Murch is known for pioneering new ideas about filmmaking such as the use of jump cuts, split screens, and digital editing techniques. He has also written several books about filmmaking and film editing including In the Blink of an Eye, which is a comprehensive guide to cinematic visual expression.

Murch was born in New York City in 1943. He grew up fascinated by editing and filmmaking, and studied at the University of Southern California before beginning his career as a film editor. His first job was as an apprentice for Francis Ford Coppola on The Rain People in 1969.

In an interview with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Murch said he was attracted to editing because it is “the heart and soul of filmmaking”. He believes that editing can be used to tell stories in a powerful and creative way.

In the Blink of an Eye PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book In the Blink of an Eye about?

In the Blink of an Eye is a book by film editor Walter Murch that delves into the psychological and technical aspects of editing.

How many pages are In the Blink of an Eye?

In the Blink of an Eye is 97 pages long.

Is In the Blink of an Eye a good book?

Yes, it is a highly acclaimed book and widely considered to be a must-read for anyone interested in filmmaking or film editing.

How long does it take to read In the Blink of an Eye?

It can take anywhere from two to four hours to read In the Blink of an Eye.

What types of topics are covered in In the Blink of an Eye?

It covers topics such as rhythm, visual storytelling, continuity editing, and psychological effects.

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