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Jannat Kay Pattay

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Jannat Ke Pattay PDF is a novel by Nemra Ahmed. It was first published in Urdu by Ilm o Irfan Publishers in 2010. The novel was an instant bestseller and is considered a modern classic. It has been translated into English and other languages.

The novel explores the themes of love, religion, and conflict. It tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, Hayaat and Jawad, who are from different religious backgrounds. The novel has been praised for its realistic portrayal of Pakistani society and its complex social issues.

Jannat Ke Pattay has sold over a million copies and has been translated into over 20 languages. It is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. If you are looking for a novel that will make you laugh, cry, and think, then Jannat Ke Pattay is a must-read.

Jannat Ke Pattay Summary

The story is based on two main characters Haya Suleman and Jehan Sikandar who are from very different backgrounds. Haya belongs to a wealthy family whereas Jehan is from a lower middle-class background. Both of them study at the same university.

One side of the story revolves around the topic of “Hijaab” and how one verse of the Quran could change Haya’s life forever. The other side of the story is about love, betrayal, heartbreak, and how Jehan Sikandar deals with all of it.

Overall the story is about how two people from different walks of life come together and how their relationship changes of them. Jannat Ke Pattay is a story that will touch your heart and stay with you long after you have finished reading it.

Details of Jannat Ke Pattay Book

BookJannat Ke Pattay
AuthorNimra Ahmed
Original languageEnglish
Originally published2010
CategorySpirituality, Fiction
PublisherIlm o Irfan
Total Pages544
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Jannat Ke Patty Book

Jannat Ke Pattay book has been translated into multiple languages including English, Urdu, Persian and Pashto.

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About the Author

Nimra Ahmed (born October 20, 1981) is a Pakistani author and novelist. She has written numerous novels, including Jannat Ke Pattay, which was adapted into a television drama of the same name.

Jannat Kay Pattay

Nimra was born on October 20, 1981, in Sheikhupura. After completing her schooling, she enrolled in the Government College for Women, Lahore for her Bachelors in Arts. She later did her Masters in English from the University of Punjab, Lahore.

Nimra started her career as a writer with her first novel Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin. The novel was published in the monthly magazine Khawateen Digest. It was later followed by her second novel Ankahi, which was also published in Khawateen Digest. Her third novel Jannat Ke Pattay was adapted into a television drama of the same name and aired on Hum TV.

The drama became one of the most popular Pakistani dramas and made Ahmed a household name. She has written numerous novels since then, which have been published in various Pakistani magazines and newspapers.

Jannat Ke Pattay PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book Jannat Ke Pattay about?

Jannat Ke Pattay is a story of love, hope, and faith. It is a story of a girl who dares to dream and a boy who is willing to sacrifice everything for her.

What are the main themes of Jannat Ke Pattay book?

The main themes of Jannat Ke Pattay book are love, hope, and faith.

What is the genre of Jannat Ke Pattay book?

The genre of Jannat Ke Pattay book is romance.

What is the author’s style of writing in Jannat Ke Pattay book?

The author’s style of writing in Jannat Ke Pattay book is simple and elegant.

Is Jannat Ke Pattay book worth reading?

Yes, Jannat Ke Pattay book is worth reading. It is a touching story of love, hope, and faith.

How long does it take to read Jannat Ke Pattay pdf?

Jannat Ke Pattay pdf can be read in about two hours.

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