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Kindred PDF is a novel by American writer Octavia E. Butler that was first published in 1979. The book is part science fiction, part historical fiction, and part fantasy, and tells the story of Dana, a black woman who is transported from 20th-century Los Angeles to the antebellum South where she must protect her ancestor from harm.

The book was published by Doubleday and has since been released in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. It has sold more than a million copies and has been translated into several languages.

The novel has received critical acclaim for its exploration of race, history, and family. Critics have also praised Butler’s use of time travel as a means to comment on the present day. Kindred has been taught in high school and college classrooms across the United States and was selected for Oprah’s Book Club in 2000.

Kindred Summary

It tells the story of a young black woman, Dana, who is living in California in the 1970s. She is suddenly transported back in time to the antebellum South, where she meets her ancestor, Kindred. Together, they must grapple with the brutal realities of slavery and learn to forge their own destiny.

Dana Franklin is a 26-year-old African American woman living in Los Angeles, California in 1976. She is a writer and has a husband, Kevin, who is also a writer. Dana has always been interested in her family history and has been researching her ancestors for some time.

One day, Dana suddenly finds herself transported back in time to the antebellum South. She arrives in the year 1815, on a plantation called Kindred. Dana soon realizes that she has been brought back in time for a reason – to save the life of her ancestor, Kindred.

Together, Dana and Kindred must face the brutal realities of slavery and learn to forge their own destiny. They form a deep bond as they grapple with the challenges of their situation. Ultimately, they must find a way to return to Dana’s time so that she can resume her life.

Details of Kindred Book

AuthorOctavia E. Butler
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedJune 1979
CategoryScience fiction
Total Pages264
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Kindred Book

Kindred book has been translated into at least six languages: French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch. The book has also been adapted into a graphic novel.

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About the Author

Octavia E. Butler was an African-American science fiction writer. She was born on June 22, 1947, in Pasadena, California. Her father died when she was young, and she was raised by her mother and grandmother. Butler attended Pasadena City College before transferring to the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a bachelor’s degree in English in 1969.


Butler began writing science fiction in her early twenties. Her first novel, Kindred, was published in 1979. The book is a story about a black woman who travels back in time to the antebellum South, where she meets her ancestor, a slave. The novel was a critical and commercial success, and it helped to establish Butler as a leading science fiction writer.

Butler’s other novels include The Parable of the Sower (1993) and Parable of the Talents (1998), both of which are set in a future America that has been ravaged by environmental disaster, war, and social injustice. Butler was also the author of several short stories, which have been collected in the anthologies Bloodchild and Other Stories (1995) and Ugly Man (2005).

Butler died of a heart attack on February 24, 2006, at her home in Seattle, Washington. She was 58 years old.

Kindred PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How many pages are in Kindred book?

There are 191 pages in Kindred book.

What is the theme of the story Kindred?

The main theme of Kindred is the importance of family, particularly when faced with difficult circumstances.

What disease does Rufus have in Kindred?

Rufus has sickle cell anemia, a hereditary blood disorder that leads to anemia and pain.

How did Dana lose her arm in Kindred?

Dana lost her arm when she was pulled through a time portal by her ancestor, Kindred.

Why is Kindred a good book?

There are several reasons why Kindred is considered a good book.

Why is the book called Kindred?

The book is called Kindred because it focuses on the relationship between Dana and her ancestor, Kindred.

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