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The Hammer of Thor

The Hammer of Thor PDF Free Download

The Hammer of Thor PDF is a fantasy-adventure book written by Rick Riordan and published by Disney Hyperion in 2016. It marks the second installment of the Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series, which follows the adventures of a mortal teen who discovers he is descended from Norse gods.

The book has received positive reviews for its fast-paced action, engaging characters, and clever writing. It has sold more than 1 million copies since its release and is available in paperback, hardcover, audiobook, and ebook formats.

The themes of The Hammer of Thor include journeys of self-discovery, the power of friendship, and coming to terms with a terrifying prophecy. As Magnus Chase and his friends take on treacherous foes, they must learn to confront their own fears and accept their destinies. Along the way, readers will be drawn into a world of gods, goddesses, giants, and monsters as well as Norse legends and mythology.

The Hammer of Thor Summary

The book begins with Magnus Chase, a Boston homeless teen and the son of a Norse God, receiving news that his long-lost Uncle Randolph has been kidnapped. He is then visited by Blitzen and Hearthstone, two elves who tell him he must go to Valhalla in order to save his uncle.

There he meets Samirah al-Abbas, an Arabic Valkyrie, who informs Magnus he is the son of Frey, the Norse God of Summer, and has been chosen to find a lost relic known as Mjolnir. With his newfound knowledge, Magnus sets off on an incredible adventure with Blitzen, Hearthstone, and Samirah to find the hammer that could save all of Asgard from destruction.

Along the way, Magnus and his friends battle giants, fire demons, and dragons in order to find the powerful relic. They also learn more about Norse mythology and the gods that inhabit it. Eventually, they are successful and discover Mjolnir before they must face off against Loki, who has been planning an attack on Asgard with an army of dead giants.

Details of The Hammer of Thor Book

BookThe Hammer of Thor
AuthorRick Riordan
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedOctober 4, 2016
CategoryYoung adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
PublisherDisney Hyperion
Total Pages528
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of The Hammer of Thor Book

The Hammer of Thor book has been translated into multiple languages and is appreciated by readers across the world. It has been translated into Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Hebrew, and Turkish.

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About the Author

Rick Riordan is an American author, best known for his Percy Jackson series. He has written 20 books in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series, as well as spin-off series such as ‘The Kane Chronicles’, ‘Heroes of Olympus’, and ‘Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard’.

The Hammer of Thor

Riordan’s writing style incorporates both humor and mythology, often blending the two in an exciting way. He has been praised by critics for his ability to capture the imaginations of children and adults alike. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide, making him one of the most successful authors for young readers today.

Rick Riordan was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1964. As a child, he was interested in Greek and Norse mythology, which later served as inspiration for his books. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English, he started writing children’s books. His first novel was ‘Big Red Tequila’, published in 1997.

His big break came in 2005 when he published the first book in the Percy Jackson series, ‘The Lightning Thief’. The series was an instant success, drawing readers of all ages. Since then, Riordan has continued to write books inspired by Greek and Norse mythology.

The Hammer of Thor PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book The Hammer of Thor about?

The Hammer of Thor is the first book in Rick Riordan’s popular Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series.

What are the main themes in The Hammer of Thor book?

The Hammer of Thor is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy adventure story that explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, and courage.

How long does it take to read The Hammer of Thor book?

The Hammer of Thor is a relatively short book and can be read in about five hours.

How many pages are in The Hammer of Thor book?

The Hammer of Thor has 327 pages.

Who are the main characters in The Hammer of Thor book?

The main characters in The Hammer of Thor are Magnus Chase, an orphaned teenager who discovers he is the son of a Norse god; Alex Fierro, a genderfluid child of Loki; and Samirah Al-Abbas, a Valkyrie in training.

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