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The Magician's Nephew

The Magician’s Nephew PDF Free Download

The Magician’s Nephew PDF is a book by C. S. Lewis published by The Bodley Head in 1955. It was the sixth volume of The Chronicles of Narnia, a series that Lewis began in 1950 with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Like the previous books, it was illustrated by Pauline Baynes.

It explores the concept of evil as well as the nature of creation. The book also contains several allusions to Paradise Lost by John Milton. The book has been praised for its imaginative story and powerful themes.

The Magician’s Nephew has sold over three million copies and has been translated into more than twenty languages. It is available in several formats, including hardcover, paperback, audiobook, and e-book.

The Magician’s Nephew Summary

The book tells the story of Digory Kirke and his friend Polly Plummer. When they accidentally find a magic ring, they are transported to Charn, where they witness the creation of the evil Queen Jadis. With the help of Aslan, the great lion, they are able to return to their own world and defeat Jadis. Along the way, they also help to create Narnia, the magical land that will be the setting for all of the Chronicles of Narnia.

The book begins in London, England, in the year 1900. Digory Kirke is a young boy who lives with his uncle, Andrew Kirke. Uncle Andrew is a magician, and he is always performing experiments and trying to find new ways to do magic. One day, he brings home a special fruit that he has been working on. He tells Digory and Polly that they can each have one bite of the fruit, but they must not eat anymore.

Uncle Andrew also has a magic ring, which he shows to the children. He says that the ring can transport people to other worlds. When Polly and Digory each take a bite of the fruit, they find themselves in a dark place called Charn. They meet a woman there who introduces herself as Jadis, the last queen of Charn.

Details of The Magician’s Nephew Book

BookThe Magician's Nephew
AuthorC. S. Lewis
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedMay 2, 1955
CategoryChildren's Literature, Fantasy Fiction
PublisherThe Bodley Head
Total Pages183
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of The Magician’s Nephew Book

The Magician’s Nephew book has been translated into many languages since it was first published in 1955. Some of the translations are listed below.

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About the Author

C. S. Lewis was born in 1898 and died in 1963. He was a professor of medieval and Renaissance English literature at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. Lewis is best known for his Chronicles of Narnia series, which has been adapted into several films. The Magician’s Nephew is the first book in the series and was published in 1955.

The Magician's Nephew

His work on The Magician’s Nephew began while he was living in the country town of Bledington, Oxfordshire. It was here that Lewis first came up with the idea for the character Aslan, who would go on to play a pivotal role in the Narnia series. The book was originally intended to be a prequel to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but was eventually published as the sixth book in the series.

In an interview, Lewis stated that he was inspired to write The Magician’s Nephew after reading a story in an old book about a magician who tries to bring a statue to life. He was also inspired by the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, whom he had met while they were both teachings at Oxford University.

The Magician’s Nephew PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What age should read The Magician’s Nephew?

Generally, The Magician’s Nephew is appropriate for readers aged 9-10 and up.

What is the main idea of the Magician’s Nephew?

The main idea of the Magician’s Nephew is that good always triumphs over evil.

Should you read The Magician’s Nephew first?

No, you don’t have to read The Magician’s Nephew first.

What is the main character’s name in The Magician’s Nephew?

The main character’s name in The Magician’s Nephew is Digory Kirke.

What are the main events in The Magician’s Nephew?

The main events in The Magician’s Nephew are that Digory and his friend Polly travel to another world, meet a king and queen, and then have to find their way home.

What is the setting of The Magician’s Nephew?

The setting of The Magician’s Nephew is London, England in the early 1900s.

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