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Story of an Hour

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The Story of an Hour PDF, written by Kate Chopin, was first published in Vogue magazine in 1894. Since then it has become one of the most widely read and discussed short stories in American literature.

The book explores the themes of freedom, independence, identity, and marital roles as experienced by a woman on the cusp of the 20th century. It has been praised for its bold exploration of women’s rights and feminist issues. The story follows Louise Mallard whose husband is killed in an accident until she discovers he is still alive.

The Story of an Hour has been widely acclaimed since its publication and has sold over one million copies. It is available in multiple formats, including print, digital, and audio editions. Reviewers have praised the story for its insight into the human condition and described it as “a powerful exploration of gender roles in a patriarchal society”.

The Story of an Hour Summary

The book starts with Mrs. Mallard, who is a young woman with an illness that has caused her to have a weak heart. She finds out the news of her husband’s death and at first she is in shock, but then something strange begins to take place within her; she starts feeling liberated rather than sad.

As she looks out the window and watches a spring rain, she notices the world around her becoming alive. She realizes that now she is free from the oppressive marriage and she will be able to live her own life. Mrs. Mallard is happy with her newfound freedom, but when her husband walks in only moments later, having not actually died in an accident as previously believed, it becomes clear that she will not be able to enjoy the freedom she had anticipated.

Instead, Mrs. Mallard dies of a heart attack brought on by her initial shock and joy upon learning of her husband’s apparent death. The book ends with the ambiguous line “when the doctors came they said she had died of heart disease—of joy that kills”. Through this story, Chopin explores the struggle of women to find freedom in a society dominated by men.

Details of The Story of an Hour Book

BookThe Story of an Hour
AuthorKate Chopin
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedDecember 6, 1894
Total Pages36
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of The Story of an Hour Book

The Story of an Hour book has been translated into multiple languages since its first publication in 1894. According to The Kate Chopin International Society, there are over 19 translations of the story in different languages, including French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Polish.

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About the Author

Kate Chopin (1850-1904) is an American author who wrote The Story of an Hour. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she was raised by her mother and grandmother after her father died when she was young.

Story of an Hour

She studied at the Sacred Heart Academy and received a full scholarship to attend the Academy of the Visitation in Washington D.C. After completing her studies, she returned to St. Louis and married Oscar Chopin in 1870.

Throughout their marriage, Kate wrote stories and published some of them in local newspapers using the pseudonym “Katharine O’Flaherty”. Her writing was heavily influenced by her upbringing in New Orleans and its Creole culture as well as her own experiences as a mother and wife.

In an interview with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Kate said she wanted to tell stories that weren’t typically told in her day. She wrote about women’s struggles with marriage and femininity as well as the challenges of being a woman in the 19th century. Her most famous work is The Story of an Hour, which was published in 1894.

The Story of an Hour PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What symbolizes The Story of an Hour?

The story of an hour symbolizes freedom and the liberation from an oppressive marriage.

What is the main idea of The Story of an Hour?

The main idea of the story is to illustrate how quickly and drastically a person’s life can be changed in a short span of time, even with the absence of her husband.

How many pages is The Story of an Hour pdf?

The Story of an Hour is a short story which contains only 1,344 words and therefore comprises only 4 pages.

What is the moral lesson in The Story of an Hour?

The moral lesson in The Story of an Hour is that one should never take life for granted and appreciate the preciousness of time.

Why is the title called The Story of an Hour?

The title of this story is based on the time span within which the protagonist experiences a range of emotions, from shock to joy.

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