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Where the Wild Things Are

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Where the Wild Things Are PDF is a beloved children’s book written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak. It was first published by Harper & Row Publishers on April 19, 1963. The book tells the story of a mischievous young boy named Max who, after being sent to his room without supper, travels to a magical land of wild creatures. The book has become a classic of children’s literature and has won numerous awards, including the Caldecott Medal in 1964.

Plot Summary

The plot of Where the Wild Things Are revolves around a young boy named Max, who wears a wolf costume and has a wild imagination. One night, after getting into trouble at home, Max is sent to his room without supper. In his room, he begins to imagine a forest growing in his bedroom and a small boat appearing that takes him across the sea to a land of monsters.

The monsters are initially frightened by Max, but he convinces them that he is the king of all wild things and they make him their ruler. Max has many adventures with wild things, such as building a fort and having a wild rumpus.

However, after a while, Max begins to feel lonely and homesick, and he decides to return home. He sails back across the sea and finds his supper waiting for him in his room. The book ends with Max feeling happy and loved, knowing that he can always return to his own world whenever he wants to.

The story is a testament to the power of imagination and the importance of feeling loved and secure in one’s own world.

Critical Analysis

Where the Wild Things Are is a masterpiece of children’s literature that has captivated readers for generations. The book’s enduring appeal lies in its unique ability to speak to both children and adults alike, touching on themes of imagination, adventure, and the importance of feeling loved and secure.

One of the book’s greatest strengths is its use of vivid and imaginative illustrations to bring the story to life. Maurice Sendak’s illustrations are colorful and engaging, capturing the wildness and unpredictability of Max’s adventure while still maintaining a sense of whimsy and playfulness.

Another strength of the book is its exploration of the power of imagination. Max’s wild adventure with the monsters is a testament to the transformative power of the imagination and the way in which it can help children navigate the challenges of growing up.

At the same time, however, the book also recognizes the importance of coming back to reality and facing the challenges of the real world. Max’s decision to return home and the warm embrace of his mother serves as a reminder that while the imagination can be a powerful tool, it is ultimately the love and support of those around us that help us feel safe and secure.

Author’s Background Information

The author of Where the Wild Things Are is Maurice Sendak, a celebrated writer, and illustrator of children’s books. Sendak was born on June 10, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up during the Great Depression.

Where the Wild Things Are

Despite his difficult childhood, Sendak showed an early talent for art and illustration. He attended the Art Students League of New York and later worked as a window display artist for the toy store FAO Schwarz. Sendak began his career as a children’s book illustrator in the 1950s, working on books such as The Wonderful Farm by Marcel Ayme and Atomics for the Millions by Dr. Maxwell Leigh Eidinoff. He published his first book, Kenny’s Window, in 1956.

However, it was Where the Wild Things Are, published in 1963, that brought Sendak widespread recognition and critical acclaim. The book won the prestigious Caldecott Medal in 1964 and has since become a beloved classic of children’s literature.

Throughout his career, Sendak continued to write and illustrate a wide range of children’s books, including In the Night Kitchen, Outside Over There, and Higglety Pigglety Pop! He was also a passionate advocate for children’s literacy and a vocal supporter of freedom of expression in children’s literature. Sendak passed away on May 8, 2012, at the age of 83, but his legacy as one of the greatest writers and illustrators of children’s books continues to live on.

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Review Excerpts

“A timeless classic that continues to captivate and inspire generations of readers. Sendak’s imaginative illustrations and heartfelt storytelling make this a must-read for children and adults alike.” – Publishers Weekly

“An unforgettable tale of imagination and adventure. Where the Wild Things Are is a testament to the transformative power of the imagination and the importance of feeling loved and secure.” – The New York Times

“One of the most beloved and enduring children’s books of all time. Maurice Sendak’s vibrant illustrations and touching story of a mischievous boy’s wild adventure with monsters continue to delight and inspire readers of all ages.” – School Library Journal

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