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Wintergirls PDF Free Download

Wintergirls PDF is a 2009 novel by American author Laurie Halse Anderson. It is her second young adult novel about eating disorders, following the 1999 National Book Award finalist Speak.

Published by Viking Juvenile, Wintergirls follows the story of Lia and Cassie, two friends who have anorexia and bulimia. The novel deals with the girls’ relationships with food and their bodies, as well as with each other.

As of September 2009, the novel had sold over 100,000 copies and was translated into six languages. It was a finalist for the National Book Award and won several state book awards. Wintergirls was also named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, an ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers, and a School Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

It received mixed reviews, with some critics praising it for its honest portrayal of eating disorders, while others felt that it glorified these illnesses. Wintergirls book is available in multiple formats including pdf, hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

Wintergirls Summary

Lia and Cassie were once best friends. But that was before Lia’s eating disorder took over. Now, at seventeen, Lia is determined to be thin at any cost. Cassie is desperately trying to hold on to her own fragile sense of self–and to stop watching her friend destroy herself. Then Cassie mysteriously disappears, and Lia is left alone with her painful secrets and her fears. But Cassie’s gone–and Lia needs to find her before it’s too late.

Lia is a winter girl–pale, thin, and delicate. She’s deeply unhappy and she’s just made a dangerous pact with the malevolent force that haunts her. If she doesn’t eat, she won’t have to feel anything. To keep herself from succumbing to her hunger, Lia compels herself to stay busy–to write dark poetry and blog about her anorexia.

But the more Lia denies herself food, the greater her hallucinations become. And soon, she can no longer tell what’s real or imaginary.

As Lia slips further into her disturbing delusions, she becomes convinced that Cassie is in danger–and she sets out to rescue her friend from the darkness that is threatening to consume them both.

Details of Wintergirls Book

AuthorLaurie Halse Anderson
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedMarch 19, 2009
Total Pages278
FormatPDF, ePub
Current Ratings4.6

Multiple Languages Editions of Wintergirls Book

Wintergirls has been translated into multiple languages, including Spanish, German, French, and Chinese. The book has also been adapted into a graphic novel and a stage play.

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About the Author

Laurie Halse Anderson is a New York Times bestselling author known for tackling tough subjects with humor and compassion.


Her books include the National Book Award finalist Speak, the highly acclaimed Chain Letter, and the Michael L. Printz Honor Book Fever 1793. Laurie lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Laurie Halse Anderson was born in Potsdam, New York, on October 23, 1961. She grew up in Wyckoff, New Jersey, and attended high school in Wayne, Pennsylvania. After graduating from college, she worked as a technical writer and an editor before becoming a full-time author.

Laurie’s first book, Speak, was published in 1999. Since then, she has written several more novels for young adults, including  Catalyst,  Prom,  Twisted,  Wintergirls,  and the New York Times bestseller  Chains.

Laurie’s books have been translated into more than twenty languages and have won numerous awards, including the Michael L. Printz Honor Book, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award, and the National Book Award finalist.

Wintergirls PDF Free Download

If you are interested in reading the Wintergirls Book, you can download a pdf copy for free from here.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What grade level is Wintergirls?

Wintergirls is most appropriate for readers in 9th grade and up.

Is Wintergirls a true story?

No, Wintergirls is a work of fiction. However, the author has said that the book was inspired by her own experiences with an eating disorder.

Who dies in Wintergirls?

Cassie dies at the end of the book. Lia finds her friend’s body in a motel room, and she is sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Who is the antagonist in Wintergirls?

The antagonist in Wintergirls is Lia’s eating disorder.

Is Wintergirls a good book?

This is a matter of opinion. Some people find Wintergirls to be an empowering book about overcoming adversity, while others find it to be triggering and/or depressing.

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