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a walk through combinatorics

A Walk Through Combinatorics PDF Free Download

A Walk Through Combinatorics PDF is a textbook on combinatorial mathematics, which is the branch of mathematics concerned with counting, organizing, and interpreting finite sets of discrete objects. The book is written by Miklos Bona and was first published in 2010.

The book is intended for use as a textbook for a course in combinatorics, or as a self-study guide for individuals interested in learning about the subject. It covers a wide range of topics in combinatorics, including permutations, combinations, generating functions, recursion, graph theory, and design theory.

Overall, the book has received positive reviews for its clear and concise writing style and its thorough coverage of the subject matter. Some reviewers have noted that the book may be challenging for readers who are new to combinatorics, but others have found it to be a helpful and accessible introduction to the field.

A Walk Through Combinatorics Summary

The book is divided into four main parts:

  1. Basics of Combinatorics: This part covers fundamental concepts and techniques in combinatorics, including permutations, combinations, and the pigeonhole principle. It also introduces the concept of generating functions, which is a powerful tool for solving combinatorial problems.
  2. Graph Theory: This part covers the basics of graph theory, including representations of graphs, connectivity, and Eulerian and Hamiltonian paths. It also discusses more advanced topics such as planar graphs, coloring, and matching.
  3. Designs: This part covers the theory of designs, which are arrangements of objects that meet certain specified conditions. It covers a variety of types of designs, including block designs, Latin squares, and Steiner systems.
  4. Advanced Combinatorics: This part covers more advanced topics in combinatorics, including recursion, generating functions, and the theory of words. It also includes a chapter on combinatorial algorithms, which are used to solve various types of combinatorial problems.

Details of A Walk Through Combinatorics Book

BookA Walk Through Combinatorics
AuthorMiklós Bóna
Original languageEnglish
Originally published2002
PublisherWorld Scientific Publishing Company
Total Pages616

Multiple Languages Editions of A Walk Through Combinatorics Book

A Walk Through Combinatorics was originally published in English, and it has not been translated into any other languages.

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About the Author

Miklos Bona is the author of “A Walk Through Combinatorics,” a textbook on combinatorial mathematics. He is a professor of mathematics at the University of Florida, where he has been a faculty member since 1993.

a walk through combinatorics

Bona received his Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest, Hungary, and his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Southern California. He has a broad range of research interests in combinatorics and its applications and has published numerous research articles and book chapters in these areas.

In addition to “A Walk Through Combinatorics,” Bona is the author of several other books, including “Combinatorics of Permutations” and “A Course in Combinatorics.” He has received several awards and honors for his contributions to mathematics, including the MAA George Pólya Award for his article “The Enumeration of Planar Graphs” and the MAA Allendoerfer Award for his article “The Number of Permutations with Given Number of Rising Sequences.”

A Walk Through Combinatorics PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book A Walk Through Combinatorics about?

A Walk Through Combinatorics is a textbook on combinatorial mathematics, which is the branch of mathematics.

How many pages is A Walk Through Combinatorics?

The length of A Walk Through Combinatorics may vary depending on the edition, but the book is typically around 500 pages in length.

How long does it take to finish A Walk Through Combinatorics?

It may take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete the book, depending on factors.

What age level is A Walk Through Combinatorics?

It may be most suitable for college students or advanced high school students.

Is A Walk Through Combinatorics worth the read?

Overall, “A Walk Through Combinatorics” has received positive reviews and is considered a well-written and comprehensive introduction to the field of combinatorics.

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