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Love Signs PDF is a book written by Linda Goodman, an American astrologer, poet, and writer. The book was first published by HarperCollins Publishers in 1978 and has since become a classic in the field of astrology. It explores the relationships between the twelve astrological signs and how they affect the way people interact with one another in love and romance.

BookLove Signs
AuthorLinda Goodman
Original languageEnglish
Originally published1978
CategorySelf Help
Total Pages1186
FormatPDF, ePub


The book has received numerous positive reviews over the years and is widely regarded as a comprehensive and insightful guide to understanding the complexities of human relationships through the lens of astrology. Many readers have praised Goodman’s ability to explain astrological concepts in a clear and engaging manner, making it accessible to both astrological enthusiasts and novices alike.


The themes explored in Love Signs include the strengths and weaknesses of each astrological sign, how to identify and attract compatible partners, and how to navigate challenges and conflicts in relationships. Goodman also delves into the different ways in which each sign expresses love and affection, as well as their emotional needs and desires. Love Signs is available in a variety of formats, including paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

Summary of Love Signs

The book starts with an introduction to astrology and the significance of the astrological signs. Goodman explains how the signs are grouped into four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) and how each element has its own unique characteristics.

Next, Goodman dives into the individual signs, starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. For each sign, she provides a detailed description of their personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and emotional needs. She also discusses how each sign expresses love and affection, as well as their compatibility with other signs.

Throughout the book, Goodman provides numerous examples of couples with different astrological signs and how their relationships have played out. She also offers advice on how to identify and attract compatible partners, as well as how to navigate challenges and conflicts in relationships.

In the final chapters of the book, Goodman provides a more in-depth analysis of the astrological houses and their significance in relationships. She also includes a section on how to use astrology to find your soulmate and offers tips on how to interpret your own birth chart.

Multiple Languages Editions of Love Signs Book

Love Signs by Linda Goodman has been translated into several languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. It is widely available in bookstores and online retailers in these languages.

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About Linda Goodman

Linda Goodman was an American astrologer, poet, and writer, born on April 9, 1925, in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA. She began her career as a copywriter in the 1950s and later became a syndicated columnist, publishing articles on astrology and other spiritual topics.

Love Signs

Goodman is best known for her astrological books, including Sun Signs, Love Signs, and Star Signs, which have been translated into numerous languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. She is widely regarded as one of the most influential astrologers of the 20th century and her works have had a significant impact on popular culture.

Goodman’s approach to astrology was unique in that she focused on the positive aspects of each sign and sought to help readers understand their own strengths and weaknesses. She believed that astrology could be used as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth, and her books reflect this philosophy.

In addition to her work as an astrologer, Goodman was also a talented poet and writer. She published several volumes of poetry and wrote several non-fiction books on a variety of topics, including reincarnation, numerology, and the healing power of crystals.

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