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Strength of Materials

Strength of Materials PDF Free Download

Strength of Materials PDF by R.S. Khurmi is a comprehensive textbook for engineering students that covers the fundamental concepts of strength and mechanics of materials. The book is widely used in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering.

The book is well-written and easy to understand and is known for its clear explanations and logical organization. Many students and educators consider it to be an excellent resource for studying the strength of materials.

The book is available in both hardcover and paperback format, as well as in ebook formats such as Kindle and ePub. As of 2021, the book has had positive reviews online by students and teachers, who praised the book for its clear explanations, good examples and problems, and logical organization.

Strength of Materials Summary

The book begins with an introduction to the basic concepts of stress and strain and the elastic constants. This is followed by chapters on torsion, which cover the theory of torsion, torsional deformation, and the shear stress distribution in circular shafts.

The next chapter covers bending, including the theory of bending, the bending moment and shear force diagrams, and the deflection of beams. This is followed by a chapter on shear force and bending moment diagrams, which covers the analysis of beams subjected to various loading conditions.

The book then covers the deflection of beams, including the methods of determining the deflection of beams and the application of these methods to various loading conditions.

Details of Strength of Materials Book

BookStrength of Materials
AuthorR.S. Khurmi
Original languageEnglish
Originally published1968
PublisherS.Chand Limited
Total Pages1000
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Strength of Materials Book

Strength of Materials by R.S. Khurmi is primarily available in English. The book is also available in Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages.

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About the Author

R.S. Khurmi is a well-known Indian author and engineer who is best known for his engineering textbooks. He has written several books in the field of mechanical engineering, including “Strength of Materials,” “Theory of Machines,” “Fluid Mechanics,” and “Heat and Mass Transfer.”

Strength of Materials

Khurmi was born in India and received his education in India, where he earned a degree in mechanical engineering. After graduation, he worked as a lecturer in mechanical engineering at various colleges in India before starting his career as an author. He has written over 90 books, many of which have become standard texts in engineering education in India and are widely used in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Khurmi is known for his clear writing style and ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. His books are considered to be an excellent resource for students and educators studying mechanical engineering.

He passed away in 2018, but his books are still widely used and respected in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Strength of Materials PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Strength of Materials worth reading?

Yes, it is widely used as a textbook in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

What is the purpose of the author to write this book Strength of Materials?

The purpose of the author R.S. Khurmi in writing “Strength of Materials” is to provide students and educators with a comprehensive textbook.

How many pages is Strength of Materials?

The number of pages in “Strength of Materials” by R.S. Khurmi can vary depending on the edition and format, but it typically ranges between 700-800 pages.

How long does it take to read Strength of Materials?

It generally takes several weeks to several months to read the book cover to cover.

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