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Crank PDF by Ellen Hopkins is a fictional story about the real-life horrors of addiction. First published in 2004, it follows the story of Kristina Snow, a teenage girl who begins using crystal meth to escape her difficult home life and struggles with mental health issues.

The novel has been well received, staying on The New York Times Best Seller list for over a year and selling more than 700,000 copies. It is available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook format. The core theme of the novel is to demonstrate how Kristina’s journey with addiction can lead to the destruction of both her body and life choices. It portrays a narrative that shows the difficulty of recovery, while also demonstrating the importance of redemption and hope.

The book has received a range of positive reviews, with many praising its raw emotion and honest depiction of addiction. The Guardian said, “Crank is an emotionally intense portrait of a young woman’s descent into self-destruction”. Similarly, Publisher’s Weekly described it as “emotionally charged and riveting”.

Crank Summary

The book starts off with Kristina struggling to beat her addiction to crank, a highly addictive and dangerous form of methamphetamine. Her father believes she has fallen into drugs because of the death of her mother, but Kristina knows it goes much deeper than that.

She is determined to find out why she keeps using and eventually breaks away from her family and moves in with an old friend, Adam. Though she is initially worried about how he will handle her addiction, he accepts her without judgment and helps keep her on the path to recovery.

Meanwhile Kristina’s community becomes aware of her downward spiral into addiction and begins to label and reject her as a “crankster”. Kristina finds solace in writing poetry, which helps her express her innermost thoughts and feelings.

Through the love of her family and friends, Kristina is able to stay on track with her recovery. She finds strength in knowing that she can use her own experiences to help others who may be struggling with addiction.

Details of Crank Book

AuthorEllen Hopkins
Original languageEnglish
Originally published2004
CategoryNovel, Young adult fiction
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Total Pages537
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Crank Book

Crank book has been translated into multiple languages, making it accessible for a wide audience. The novel has been translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, and German.

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About the Author

Ellen Hopkins is an American poet and novelist known for writing books about tough issues such as addiction, abuse, and the struggles of being a teenager. She is best known for her novel Crank, which was published in 2004 to critical acclaim.


Ellen Hopkins was born in Long Beach, California in 1955 and grew up in Fair Oaks. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sacramento State University and an MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Hopkins has written over twenty-five books, many of them New York Times bestsellers. Crank is her most critically acclaimed novel to date. It follows the story of Kristina, a young girl who is swept into the world of crystal meth addiction.

Ellen Hopkins has won several awards for her writing, including the 2007 Young Adult Library Services Association Best Book Award and the 2009 Judy Lopez Memorial Award for Children’s Literature. She also won an American Library Association award in 2011 for her book Burned.

Crank PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Crank about? 

It is about the life of Kristina Georgia Snow, a high-achieving honor student from an affluent family.

How long does it take to read Crank book?

It typically takes 3-4 hours to read the entire book.

Is Crank inappropriate?

It is rated PG-13, so it contains some mature themes and language. It’s not recommended for younger readers due to the subject matter.

Who is the target audience of Crank book?

The primary target audience of Crank is teenagers and young adults.

How many pages is Crank? 

Crank is a novel of 464 pages.

Is Crank book worth reading?

Crank is an excellent novel and has been highly acclaimed by many readers.

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