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Make It Stick

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Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning PDF is a book published in 2014 by Harvard University Press. The book examines the science behind why some methods of learning are more effective than others. Make it Stick looks at various studies on memory and cognition to understand how we learn best.

One of the key themes of the book is that we need to challenge ourselves when we are learning something new. If we simply rely on repetition, we are less likely to remember the material in the long term. Instead, we need to find ways to test ourselves so that we can better learn and retain information.

Make it Stick has been well-received by reviewers. The book has sold over 100,000 copies and is available in paperback, ebook, and audio formats.

Make it Stick Summary

The Make it Stick book is all about helping the reader learn and remember information more effectively. The book contains six main sections: encoding, retrieval, forgetting, interference, feedback, and spacing.

The first section, encoding, discusses how people can better encode information into their memory so that they can retrieve it more easily later on. This includes techniques such as using imagery and making connections between new information and what you already know. The second section, retrieval, covers how to better retrieve information from memory. This includes using retrieval cues and practicing retrieval regularly.

The third section, forgetting, discusses why people forget information and how they can overcome this by using spaced practice and retrieval practice. The fourth section, interference, covers how to deal with interference from other memories when trying to retrieve information. The fifth section, feedback, discusses how feedback can help people learn and remember information more effectively. The six and final section, spacing, covers how to space out practice and review sessions in order to learn and remember information more effectively.

Details of Make it Stick Book

BookMake it Stick
AuthorPeter C Brown, Mark A. McDaniel, Henry L. Roediger III
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedApril 14, 2014
PublisherHarvard University Press
Total Pages313
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Make it Stick Book

Make it Stick book has been translated into many languages so that readers from around the world can enjoy and learn from its contents.

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About the Author

Henry L. Roediger III, Mark A. McDaniel, and Peter C Brown are the authors of Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning.

Make It Stick

Roediger is the James S McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in Psychology at Washington University in St. Louis. McDaniel is the Anheuser-Busch Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the same school.

Brown is a writer and independent educational consultant. Together, they have over 100 years of experience in the field of psychology and memory research.

The book is based on their previous research and looks at how people learn, why some methods are more effective than others, and what can be done to improve learning. The book has been well received by critics and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, and The Economist.

Make it Stick PDF Free Download

If you are looking for a pdf file of the Make it Stick book, it is available here for free to download. Just click on the download button below.

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the book Make it Stick about?

Make it Stick is a book about how to learn and remember information effectively. The book discusses different techniques that can be used to improve learning, such as spacing out study sessions, using practice tests, and creating mnemonic devices.

How many chapters in Make it Stick?

The book contains seven chapters.

How many pages are in Make it Stick pdf?

There are 234 pages in the book.

What is the author’s argument in Make it Stick?

The author’s argument is that people often use inefficient methods to try to learn new information, and as a result, they do not remember the information as well as they could.

How does the author support his argument in Make it Stick?

The author supports his argument by discussing research on how people learn and remember information.

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