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Mrs. Dalloway

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Mrs Dalloway PDF is a novel written by Virginia Woolf and published on 14 May 1925. The novel’s set in post-World War I England and follows Clarissa Dalloway, a high-society woman, as she prepares for a party she’s throwing that evening.

The book is considered one of Woolf’s best works and has been praised for its innovative stream-of-consciousness style of writing. Mrs. Dalloway has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated into numerous languages. It is available in print, audiobook, and ebook formats.

If you’re looking for an in-depth look at one of Virginia Woolf’s most famous novels, Mrs. Dalloway, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find information on the book’s publisher, publication date, themes, reviews, sales figures, and available formats.

Mrs Dalloway Summary

The book starts with Mrs. Dalloway going out to buy flowers for the party she is throwing that evening. On her way, she thinks about the day her husband, Richard, proposed to her. She also recalls a time when she was young and in love with a woman named Sally Seton.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to Septimus Warren Smith, a World War I veteran suffering from PTSD. He is extremely paranoid and believes that people are out to get him. His wife, Rezia, does her best to care for him, but she is struggling.

As the day goes on, Mrs. Dalloway continues to prepare for her party. She runs into an old friend, Peter Walsh, who has just returned from India. He is critical of her life and tells her that she should have married him instead of Richard.

Later, Septimus sees a man following him and throws himself out of a window to his death. Rezia finds him and screams for help, but it’s too late. When Mrs. Dalloway hears the news, she is shaken but decides to carry on with her party.

Details of Mrs Dalloway Book

BookMrs Dalloway
AuthorVirginia Woolf
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedMay 14, 1925
CategoryPsychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction
PublisherHogarth Press
Total Pages166
FormatPDF, ePub

Multiple Languages Editions of Mrs Dalloway Book

Mrs Dalloway book has been translated into multiple languages since its publication. Some of the most notable translations include the French edition by Simone de Beauvoir, the German edition by Hannah Arendt, and the Spanish edition by Octavio Paz.

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About the Author

Virginia Woolf was an English writer, considered one of the most important modernist 20th-century authors and also a pioneer in the use of stream of consciousness as a narrative device.

Mrs. Dalloway

Born into an affluent household in London’s Kensington district, Virginia Woolf came from a family of distinguished Victorian thinkers. Her father, Leslie Stephen, was an eminent historian and literary critic; her mother, Julia Duckworth Stephen, a noted feminist, and social reformer.

Woolf’s upbringing shaped her as a writer: she was home-schooled by tutors and governesses and later educated at two girls’ schools before going on to study at King’s College London.

Woolf began writing professionally in 1900, publishing reviews and essays in such periodicals as The Times Literary Supplement and The Nation. Her first novel, The Voyage Out (1915), was published by her half-brother’s imprint, Duckworth & Co.

Mrs Dalloway PDF Free Download

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FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Mrs Dalloway a difficult read?

Mrs Dalloway is not a difficult read, but it is a bit challenging.

What is the main message of Mrs Dalloway?

The main message of Mrs. Dalloway is that life is full of small moments and that we should savor them.

Is Mrs Dalloway worth reading?

Many people consider Mrs. Dalloway to be one of the most important novels of the 20th century. It is certainly worth reading.

How many pages is Mrs Dalloway?

Mrs. Dalloway is about 250 pages long.

Why is Mrs Dalloway feminist?

Mrs. Dalloway is considered a feminist novel because it explores the interior lives of women in a society that relegates them to the domestic sphere.

How long does it take to read Mrs Dalloway?

It depends on the reader’s speed, but most people can finish Mrs. Dalloway in about two to three days.

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