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The Selection

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The Selection PDF is a young adult novel by Kiera Cass. It was published on April 24, 2012, by HarperCollins and has been made into a movie. As of May 2018, the novel has sold over 3 million copies.

The Selection tells the story of America Singer, a girl who is chosen to compete in a contest to become the next queen of Illea, a fictional country. America is reluctant to participate in the contest, but she soon finds herself falling in love with one of the contestants, Prince Maxon.

The novel has been well-received by critics. Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review and called it “an addictive read, full of romance, intrigue, and suspense.” The book was also nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award for Young Adult Fiction. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, romantic read, then The Selection pdf is the perfect book for you.

The Selection Summary

The Selection begins with America Singer being selected as one of the girls to compete in the competition to marry Prince Maxon. America is from the lower class and is not looking forward to competing. She would much rather be with her childhood friend, Aspen.

However, she is forced to compete and she eventually starts to develop feelings for Prince Maxon. America must decide who she wants to be with while trying to avoid getting killed in the process.

As America becomes more involved in the competition, she starts to realize that there is more at stake than just marrying Prince Maxon. She must also avoid getting killed by the rebels who are against the monarchy.

America must decide who she wants to be with and what she is willing to risk for love. The Selection is a story of love, betrayal, and hope.

Details of The Selection Book

BookThe Selection
AuthorKiera Cass
Original languageEnglish
Originally publishedApril 14, 2012
CategoryYoung adult fiction, Fantasy Fiction
Total Pages328
FormatPDF, ePub
Current Ratings4.6

Multiple Languages Editions of The Selection Book

The Selection has been translated into multiple languages and published in many different countries. The book has been a bestseller in several of these countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

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About the Author

Kiera Cass is the author of The Selection series. She was born in South Carolina and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kiera has a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Georgia.

The Selection

She is the New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series. Her other works include The Siren, The Elite, and The One. Kiera’s novels have been translated into multiple languages and published in many different countries.

Kiera is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Young Adult Library Services Association. In her spare time, Kiera enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. She is also an avid reader and enjoys hiking and biking.

The Selection PDF Free Download

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a movie for the book series The Selection?

Yes, there is a movie for the book series The Selection.

Does the selection have a happy ending?

The adventure concludes with America finally recognizing that she is where she should be — among The Elite.

What is the message of the book The Selection?

The message of the book The Selection is that love can conquer all. no matter what your social class is, or where you come from.

Is The Selection inappropriate?

No, The Selection is not inappropriate. It is a young adult novel and is suitable for readers aged 13 and up.

What are the reviews for The Selection?

The reviews for The Selection are mostly positive. Many reviewers have praised the book for its originality and fast-paced plot.

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